Refueling Mind, Refueling Soul
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Boundaries…..I’m learning boundaries. The ability to say No OR Yes more at work, with friends, with family, and with a love. And learning when I’m being too rigid, too flexible, too much of a push over, too accommodating, too generous, too introverted, or too lazy. It is all about boundaries. When I create them and hold myself accountable to them, my life seems to become a little easier and fulfilling. I take back my time and joy.  With boundaries, I realize I can breathe, pause, and relax a bit. Try it. Set a boundary. Stick to it for a week and see how your life changes. It can be as simple as saying no to the TV show in order to take a long hot bath with a good book, glass of wine, or magazine OR to get an extra hour of sleep. You will feel better and more relaxed.

Draw a line in the sand.



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