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Refuel your Body with Water Aerobics…. (Yes, I said water aerobics)…..

Why don’t we play more as adults? It frees us to laugh, be silly,and ultimately relief some stress.  And are there some good ways to play while still getting a healthy work out? I would love some ideas.  I recently rediscovered one from my Grandma K’s bag of workout tricks. It was limited albeit but this was a good one.

Water Aerobics.

It is hysterical and so fun! You can dance freely under water like no one is watching (because they can’t see you). My prediction is it is the new workout wave. I love it. The older women that stereotypically do it found a hidden gem workout. If you actually work hard, it can be a good work out, plus the instructor is usually a character and the music is super fun. I laughed the entire time and got a work out in. I mean, what is not to love. And you are in the water so no one can actually see what you look like in a bathing suit or your flailing limbs flopping around.

If I owned a gym, I would bring this back in full force. More people should do it. Totally underrated. If you know of a good water aerobics class in your area, spread the word. If you are in DC, let me know! I’ll meet you there.

#Refuel your body and soul at the same timewater aerobics

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