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With so much going in the world ….it is still hard to keep perspective sometime. You forgot how lucky you are by having some of the basics- a job, your health, a family, your life, a safe home to go back to,  etc. Most of us usually have most of the basics. Yet we get so caught up in all the day to day stress.

I worked a long intense day. I was really excited to get home to eat and work out. I have gained a few pounds lately and needed to get my act together and I was on a mission today. As soon as I got in the car, I hit traffic. I am very lucky to currently have a 25minute commute. Well tonight….lasted over 90minutes. Once I was rerouted several times due to blocked roads I was ready to scream with road rage. I thought it was usual DC blocked roads due to a political car brigade. However, when I finally saw what was going on, it was a 10 car pile up with some major car damage and lots of ambulances. And I immediately realized how lucky I was that that was not me or someone I loved in that situation. And I relaxed. So what, I missed my workout and made for a stressful long ride after a long day. It didn’t kill me. I’ll live. Don’t get me wrong….I was still grumpy. But it did put things in perspective and lighten my mood a bit. I got home and decided to try to accomplish something so the night didn’t feel like a waist– knocked off a few things on the chore list. Journaled. Went to bed too late. (I need to work on that still…getting more sleep). But for today….I kept it in perspective.  I was annoyed getting home at 9pm to eat dinner. But I’ll live. Tomorrow, I’ll get that work out in!

Until then…..thankful I get the opportunity to wake up and do it better tomorrow. Perspective. Good to keep it in check on stressful annoying days so you don’t ruin a day or damage a relationship taking it out on someone else. It is all relative. There is always someone better off and someone worse off.  And right now, with so much prejudice and violence, why do we get so annoyed/so much anxiety over such silly stuff like traffic, a few pounds, a stressful day at work, etc? I know it is human. However, if we spent (including me) as much energy on volunteering or helping others, as we do on annoyance, gossip, or bad moods….we could be changing the world.

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