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Fake It Until You Feel It

So first, apologize to those readers who follow me! I was gone last weekend for a very good reason. My sister got engaged and we surprised her by being up in NY for it! So last Sunday we were driving all day to get back down to home. So excited for her and Bruce. And such fun to see their joy and enthusiasm for their future.

Now….to my topic this week. I am realizing more and more, attitude and mood is a choice.  When we repeatedly do something, it is a habit.  And how you see the world can become a habit. What I mean by this is, some people are just overly negative to everything. Or focus so much on self-doubt or dark places, that it is a habit. It just their “go-to” attitude. Yet, it doesn’t have to be.

I am all for being in tune with your emotions and allowing yourself to feel sad, happy, emotional, etc. for moments in time (just not forever). It is important to really feel and understand all those things. And not dismiss them. However, so many people can loathe in the dark places it is hard to get out of them. Sometimes, that is true depression which is a whole other ballgame. And is truly something that medically is important to address and get support on. But for some, it is just a negative way of life.

So on this beautiful, sunny mother’s day I hope we choose our attitude. Joy and positivity are contagious. Contagious to your partner, family, and provides a really great atmosphere for kids.  A positive attitude also impacts your health, your relationships at work (which impacts your own success), and attracts you to positive things in your life. I do truly believe you get what you give. And if you give love and positivity to the people and things around you, you normally get it back.

So if today is a happy or sad day for you on mother’s day. Or a combo. Try to give positivity to those around you. Try to appreciate that for each piece of joy around this day, there is also a piece of sadness. For a woman who can’t get pregnant, or lost a child, or lost a mother. The reality is we will all celebrate this day (for the most part) and experience both joy/happiness, and sadness, depending on the stage of life. And it makes me appreciate every single person a little more because of that. We are all humans. And we can choose to celebrate those that get to experience it today in a positive way. Choose to be happy for them and the possibility to see more people happy next year. And also celebrate the wonderful memories from the past vs focus on the negatives today.

Attitude is a choice. Fake it until you feel it. And give the right energy to the world around you! IT will come back around to you. I promise.

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