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Healthy Workout Tips for Home and Travel

My blog is about refueling your mind, soul, and body. And while I talk a lot about mind and soul….I neglect body sometimes. At least when I write. Yet taking care of my physical health is a huge piece of my life.

I travel for work and personal and keeping healthy is so important in those times as well as day to day. A few tips for those that are looking for some new ideas!

  • Check out Alexia Clarke on instagram. She shows all sorts of workouts you can do outside or at any gym (including most hotel gyms). I follow her and get new ideas for when I am traveling or even when I am home and just want to change it up.
  • Make some no bake energy bites (recipe below– Thanks Rob for the tip!!). Super easy to make, very healthy, and great for when you are on the go. I eat them when hiking or to get a little energy before a work out.
  • AM workouts. I admit that I am not a morning person and I am not always the best with this one. But the more AM workouts I get in, the better I feel. And my metabolism picks up too. So a few tricks– 1) Sign up for a class you have to pay for ahead of time. It will force you to get up if you care about the money. 2) Put your workout clothes next to your bed. 3) Pick cute workout clothes you are excited about putting on. 4) Treat yourself with a good smoothie or some sort of after workout treat to yourself.
  • Drink water, water, and more water.
  • Download a good podcast or movie to watch while you walk or work out. Something you have been excited about that will motivate you. And only allow yourself to indulge when working out. My newest podcast is Up and Vanished.
  • Buy groceries when on a full stomach and when the grocery store won’t be a choatic mess. You are more likely to be patient, pick food that is more planned out, and more healthy!
  • When traveling:
    • Pick hotels with good gyms or close to a nice park. And then take advantage of the alone travel to go to bed early and get up early to work out. Working out in the evening never works on work travel between work meals and extra time on email.
    • Pack kind bars or some sort of healthy snack.
    • Have a date night via phone with your significant other at the hotel bar. We always have a phone date while I am winding down with a glass of wine or a quick bite. Makes you feel connected while away. Not a healthy body tip but helps your mind and soul!
    • Find a good hotel with a big soaking tub. Take a bath. Let your muscles relax after a tense day.
    • Look up a local workout class you can utilize on class pass or some sort of one time drop in.
    • Download a good meditation app and take advantage of down time as you take off or land on planes by doing a 10 minute meditation.

Any other tips you have that you can share?!

no bake bites

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