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The Worry Jar……Set your worries aside

I think sometimes we forget that every day we wake up, there are new possibilities. We spend so much time worrying about the past and the future, we very rarely live in the moment. There are many books, meditation apps/approaches, and all sorts of ways to try to live in the moment. I’ll be experimenting with a few in this blog and you will read a lot more about it shortly.

I get anxiety about the future, like most people. I’m always asking: Where will I be in X years?; Will I be happy?; Will I make enough money?; Will I have the right career?; Am I going to be successful in my new job?; Will I get married before 40?; Will I have children?; Can I have children?; Did I wait too long to get married and have kids?; Am I doing the right things in my relationship with Todd?; Will I live a long healthy life or will I die young like my mom?; What is normal in a relationship and what is not?;  Is this normal (to be feeling whatever emotion or scenario is happening)?

So to put some of these questions and worries aside momentarily….I created a Worry Jar.

I put a mason jar with a lid on my bookshelf. And every time I have a worry that I can’t get out of my head, I write it down, and put it in my Worry Jar. And then I let go of it and leave it up to God/destiny to take care of it. Since I can’t do anything more, I let it go. Even if you are not spiritual it can still work. The idea is to let go since we can’t control what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.

So as you start your day, put your worries in your worry jar and try to reboot for a day without worry. At least to start the day. Try it. It can work. Take each day as it comes and try to set your worries in a jar. At least the worries you can’t control for the day. Be present with your loved ones, friends, work, kids, and strangers. Being in the moment can refuel you more than you know. And can create new possibilities that lead to great adventures (and sometimes less worry!).

Set up a Worry Jar. Add your worries!

Every day we get a new opportunity to refill our glass and start new in the moment!


  1. Alejandra says

    Let Go and Let God….a lesson I learned in high school!! I love the worry jar! GREAT idea and it’s tangible so you can see it and put a lid on it….literally!


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