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Each day I remember and try to practice balance. Some days it works out well, some days I fail. It is hard to maintain balance and not let work, duties, chores, or one part of your life outweigh the rest. It is my constant Achilles heel and my constant struggle. I realize that each day I am successful at balance, I feel more fulfilled. Even if that means forcing myself to the gym, or to visit with a friend when I’m exhausted or making dinner with my love or sleeping vs that extra hour of TV or even getting organized.

Downtime is key in balance. Someone gave me advice once and I try to do it as much as possible. They said to always ensure you get at least 2 hrs. of downtime to yourself a week. Use the hours however you choose, but always find time to relax. It re-energizes you and your soul. I like to think this is separate from workouts. It is quiet time. A drive, a book, mediation, a walk….something that is calming and quiets your mind.

I’ve spent most of my time talking about mind and soul and not body. But the balance in the body is just as important to living a full life. Balance in diet, in sleep, in exercise, in hydration, and in centering your being.

Balance is often forgotten about because we think it is impossible. I’m not sure work/life balance is about what we think it is these days. To me, it is about finding time throughout your day to breathe, be present, and enjoy a smile, a laugh, or nature. Sometimes that takes you more towards family or work or chores or friends. But being present creates balance as well. I was driving home from work after a very long today….too long. I had worked until 9pm and I was exhausted. And resentful of my work and the things I had missed in my day because of it. And I got stuck in traffic and was grumpy. And then I looked up to see the city. Really see it.  I started to admire the beautiful view of the city skyline. And I found my breathe was taken away by the beauty of nature and the city. And for me, it re-centered me. I was present and appreciated my surroundings vs yelling at the car around me to speed up to get home. That moment balanced me. Be present and those little opportunities help to keep things in perspective.

Perspective gives us balance. Nothing is secure but life, change, and your spirit. Keep your heart and spirit open and things keep in balance.

I am writing this tonight to remind myself of this as I go into the week. Last week, I had more unbalanced days than balanced and my goal this week is to reverse that. I challenge you to try this as well!

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