Refueling Soul
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I took this picture while I was in Greece with my sister a few years back. We were walking during a quiet morning in Oai (Santorini). Not many people were out but these two women were having this quiet, sweet moment holding hands and watching the water. They stood there for quite awhile. And Nicole and I were doing the same thing when we looked over and noticed them. It made me think this will be us in our old age (god willing we live that long). It felt like such a genuine, magical, touching moment I had to capture it on camera. It reminds me how powerful and simple love and companionship can be with a sister/friend.

This picture now sits in a frame on my bookshelf. And it reminds me of the importance of the love you have with a sister. My sister is my joy. My happiness. My best friend. She is my life partner who will be next to me through it all. Here on earth and beyond. She is my soul sister….literally.

Family is precious. I have a great love with my dad, my brother, my mom (even in her death), and my sister. I hope all of you have an unconditional love like mine. My heart is so full. The relationships are far from perfect, but I love them because of their imperfections, the way we keep loving and supporting each other through it all, and the thought that no matter what our blood and bond is unbreakable.

And today, I remember that moment and the love my sister and I have for each other. It is so unique. Two women who have shared moments in life that no one else has and lean on our quiet strength.

There is nothing like a sisterly love. We use to live together and it really evolved our relationship. And now when I see her, it is less frequent. And it makes me cherish every minute. A moment with my sister refuels me for a long time. She re-energizes me and my heart swells with love.

There is nothing like a moment with your sister. Those moments I will and do always cherish. I hope you do too.

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