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Sunday Morning Walks



I sometimes underestimate the power of a Sunday morning walk. I live in a city and it is the best time of the week/day to walk. The city is sleeping, you notice more of its beauty, it whispers to you as you walk…sometimes screams to you…to look at the architecture, everyone is so happy on these walks, and it is day of hope. The church bells are ringing, the sun is peaking through the clouds as the day opens up, and it is just so calm. It is a form of mediation for me. I usually do restorative yoga on Sunday evenings. If I can’t attend due to my schedule, then I always go for a Sunday morning walk. Today I went for two hours. Somedays I don’t want it to end and want the morning to stay forever so I can walk for hours. Somedays I like a companion to walk in silence with or to chat with as we see parts of the city for the first time (things we go by every day but just notice). And other times I just want the stillness of my own breath and my own thoughts. And every time, I love it and appreciate the nature and peace of it.  I come back from it restored, renewed, and re-energized.

What is your equivalent to a Sunday morning walk?

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