Refueling body
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Refuel your body….so you can refuel your mind and soul

I woke up feeling down, a little sorry for myself, and just cranky. And I sulked for a hour or two. And for a bit I enjoyed sulking and being lazy. And that was totally okay. Then I was like…. It is sunny outside and I just need to get my day going.

So I went to the gym and had a really hard workout lasting over a hour. I listened to some great music and just escaped my mind and exhausted my body. By the end, I was dancing to the music and had a huge smile on my face. Note: I still had a lazy Saturday afternoon afterwards but with a very different mindset.

Sometimes it is as simple as a good physical workout to change your entire mood. And puts things in perspective. Refuel that body with a work out!



  1. Josh Bielec says

    I LOVE this! It’s amazing what a good workout and some good music can do for your mindset! I definitely have my “go-to” songs when I need to get out of a funk!


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