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Photo note: Picture of Hikeotober last fall.

Hiketober is here! Every October I spend every weekend during that month going on at least one hike. It is my way to re-connect with nature, get time to reflect or just enjoy being outside, and really serves as a form of meditation for me. I go by myself a lot. But also do hikes with my boyfriend or with friends. It is a great bonding activity that is just fun. And usually ends with a nice glass of wine, beer, or hot cider.

Today I started my hike month, with a hike in the city. Due to 5dys of rain, the hiking in the woods and mountains in the area were just too muddy and wet. So instead, I picked a spot in the city I never go to and walked it for 2hrs. Fun way to explore and see new neighborhoods.

Next weekend I’ll start my nature hikes pending weather. In the DC area, I typically do Sugarloaf Mountain, Billy Goat Trail, and one trip to Shenandoah.

Where do you hike? I would love some new ideas. Maybe I’ll try a weekend trip somewhere new!

And what is your version of hiketober?

Time to refuel that body….and the soul through nature!

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  1. Sue Stewart says

    When you visit we can hike Robinson preserve and maybe go to Sanibel for the day to Ding Darling Preserve.


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