Refueling body, Refueling Mind
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Embrace a rainy day……Refuel. Get lost in your daydreams, Read, Snuggle, Nap…


Rainy days can be the perfect day to refuel. Embrace them!! As I sit here on this rainy Saturday I am so incredibly content. And I forget that rainy days can be the best (as long as it isn’t for weeks straight!).

Rainy days are perfect for your most comfortable clothes, a blanket, hot tea, a good book, and catching up with good friends via phone. Today I slept in and had a good cuddly lazy morning with my man. Followed by brunch, my one chore today…grocery shopping…., and then a comfy couch. With football on in the background, I have gotten lost in architecture magazines (I escaped to CA, beach houses, country cottages, and city living), InStyles, and pinterest. Pinterest is the best. You can really get your creative juices flowing, enjoy escaping into so many different things, and day-dream for hours. I love it!! I love the idea of reading a good book on a rainy day. Watching a good movie. Cooking something warm and flavorful. As I sit here, my candles fill the room with different scents and my oven will soon be filling it with more! And my boyfriend naps. I love the feeling of knowing he is here sleeping next to me while I escape to different places through books and pictures and articles. It is like we are both dreaming and yet right next to each other content. Happy.

Tomorrow will bring sunshine, a long hike (2nd weekend in Hiketober), picnic, and pumpkin purchases. But for today…..lazy rainy day in blankets and daydreaming while I listen to the rain.

What do you love to do on rainy days?



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