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Changing of the Season

Time change last night and I look outside and see the season changing as well. And I wonder, what else should I work on changing as we end 2016? What changes did you make this year? Which changes do you wish you could take back? Or do you wish you would have done?

I think how much I have changed in this last year. Living with my boyfriend (a first for me), really settled into a new job, settled into a new apartment, visited lots of new places, and made some memories.

I’m thinking it is time to add a new addition to our house. A puppy. A big life change for me and I hope one of many to come. Should I do it? I’m a bit nervous. Still trying to convince Todd.

Change is the only constant. It keeps us young, open minded, and re-energizes you. It is also exhausting and scary. Are you holding back from a change you know you need to make? Or did you take a leap? You still have 2 months left of 2016 to get it in this year!

*My last photos of Hiketober

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  1. Love your posts. Come visit between now and Jan 1 to experience my dog (watching for my niece). She’s so cute but changes your lifestyle during the work week. Great time in Boston. Love Andrews gf Heather. Felt like I’ve known her forever. Talk soon – stay tuned for news about my changes ahead!


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