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October Resolutions


As I finish my last day of Hiketober, I started thinking about resolutions. I thought, why don’t we start our new years resolution to get healthy now. Before the holidays. Before the stress. Before all the fatty food. Why not set a healthy resolution that can stick through the season? Often times people think of September as their new year since it is the nostalgia of going back to school. So as I think about October, I think I’m going to end the month with some healthy resolutions and start the holidays off right. In my mind, right after Halloween starts the holiday season. And this next week, I’m also going to start the healthy season…with a few cheat days in there for good cookies and Thanksgiving eating!

I started out this morning by making a healthy version of beef stew in the crockpot. But instead of putting potatoes in, I put zucchini and I used lean organic meat/veggies. And I made a homemade apple cobbler with less butter and sugar. I’m having a dinner party tonight so wanted to think about some good hearty meals but also healthier versions. I also decided on a kale salad. The rest of the day I am eating very clean with lots of veggies so I can eat that cobbler later!

Next up is my last hike. Need to hustle out there so I can be back for my restorative yoga at 5:30pm.

After hiking today, I am trying to set some more realistic workout goals for myself since I am so busy. Like many of you, things get hectic. I’m running around, traveling for work, and just feel like there a million things to do….especially going into the holidays. So I want to be realistic. And I am confident with kids in the mix, it gets super hard to set realistic healthy goals. So I’m sticking to some rules of thumb when designing my goals for the next few months. I am purposefully writing them here to hold myself accountable:

  1. Determine what is realistic. How many times a week can you work out realistically? What type of workouts will work? 30 min, 60 min, # of morning vs evening work outs so I can sleep but get them in! How many meals can you plan out vs eat out? What is a realistic sleep goal given your schedule? What is a realistic cheat day (or 2dys)?
  2. Make sure your goal is something you believe you can achieve and you are doing it for yourself (and no one else). Otherwise, failure is likely.  For me, last year I gained a few pounds that didn’t come off around the holidays. This year, my focus will be on consistent workouts, 7-8hrs of sleep a night, and less snacking at night. I need to focus more on quality meals than snacks that hold me over that are higher in sugar or carbs.
  3. Make sure your workouts or food changes are fun. There has to be some sort of pleasure in the process….or it won’t stick. I LOVE my TRX trainer (shout out to Josh) and I really love my morning classes and Sunday yoga. And I look forward to my hikes. Find something you look forward to. And find different or easy recipes that you enjoy making and/or eating.
  4. Get into a good sleep routine. Whether that is winding down with a bath, good book, a good set of PJs, sex, whatever helps you chill out. Keep your room cold and dark too. Just helps you feel more rested waking up to the crisp air and darkness.
  5. DRINK lots of water.
  6. Find a support network. Either other friends, your partner, a workout buddy or two, or even a journal to log your progress.
  7. And celebrate progress. Get some mini wins in…even if it is completing a few good days of eating or sleeping or exercising.

If you are interested in a support network, let me know. We can start a group text or email chain to support each other.

And so this year….my November starts my healthy resolutions.

What will you try to manage differently about your health through the holiday season? How are you refueling your body?



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