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I am thankful I have a cup

img_4043As we enter Thanksgiving, I am hoping you and I remember how lucky we are. Not matter what is going on, we are given the gift to wake up in the morning and start again. And every morning is a new opportunity.

“Gratitude helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t.”– Anonymous

I love this quote. I read a book recently on how you can think about everything you don’t have or be upset with your friend or partner for everything they are not doing. Verses understanding how you view the situation is as much of a problem as they are (if not more). They are human and have their own internal and external struggles. Focus on being thankful they are in your life and the wonderful things you love about them and your frustration vs gratitude/appreciation balance completely changes.

Sometimes we focus on what we don’t have and let competition, jealousy, a future desire outweigh what we have today. If you have a few friends, food on your table, and  roof over your head you are doing great. If you have any family that loves you. You are even richer than you think.

This week not only acknowledge what you are thankful for, but realize how rich you really are. And hopefully strive to help those around you remember that too. And…. Pay it forward this weekend. Do something kind for a stranger. Allow the gift of gratitude and thankfulness be something someone else feels in your act of kindness. Create moments for others to be thankful.

This week, my goal is to do 10 acts of kindness that create others to feel special, loved, and/or thankful. Create more thanks for others! Allow others to realize there is hope and there is always something to be thankful for. We get to wake up with our cup and choose how we fill it.

Happy Thanksgiving





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