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“A comfortable home is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.” — Sydney Smith

I realized that one of the reasons I have adapted to moving so much in my adult life is that I have the ability to create a home quickly. To create my safe haven that is comfortable, warm, and peaceful. And my home in DC is my safe haven. My peaceful place. My place where I can curl up on a couch, smell my favorite candles and flowers, read, sit in silence, and just be myself.

As I go through the holidays, I decorate no matter what place I’m in with a tree and cozy little winter blankets. And the smell at fresh cookies in the oven. And a warm tea.

And I realized through this quote, how important all these little things are to me. They calm me and give me a safe place to just relax. They provide me happiness and contentment.

How do you create a home where you live? What makes it a home for you? The people? Your favorite couch? blanket? photos? What is your favorite piece of home you always have to have?

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