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Holiday Dress Up- Party Dress, Party Shoes and Dance

I realized today as I sit in my favorite nook of the house drinking tea/eating xmas cookies and reflecting on the week that I really love dressing up. And how much it affects your mood.  And for some reason on these cold winter months, dressing up is more important at certain times (other times a good warm sweater and a blanket are perfect).

Even if you don’t have a fancy party to go, it made me realize, we should all have more dinner parties that require dress up. Dressing up really does change your mood. It gives you more confidence and sass. Think about how your favorite party dress and heels just makes you feel better. And for men too. A nice custom suit totally gives you a different attitude.

So my advice today is….find a way to dress up this holiday season. It really will allow you to feel good about yourself and makes for a more festive season.

I know this one is a superficial post but yet so true. Taking pride in your appearance just overall gives you more light. Which attracts more light and good energy.

Throw on your favorite party outfit and hit the town for the holidays. And just notice how good you feel!

My choices this season in dress included a one shoulder black jumpsuit and this fun feather skirt paired with ankle booties and some fun fishnet tights.  What are you wearing this holiday season? Share some fun fashion!

Fashion can refuel you too. Gets your creative juices flowing to explore, shop your closet, and mix and match!



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