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Filling Your 2017 Jar


Awhile a back I shared I have a worry jar. A place where I write down my worries and place them in a jar so I can let go of them (especially the one’s out of my control). And in doing that, it helps free me  of that worry.

I also recently came across an idea from my friend Dawn that I am going to do this year as well. Todd agreed to do to it with me too so I’m excited. We are going to do each month so it is more realistic that we will complete this. Here is how it works: Each month, we are going to write down a memory of that month that we love. And put it in the jar. And then on New Years Eve of next year (2017), we are going to open them up and read the great memories. And celebrate the last year.

I hope to make this an annual tradition. Does anyone else want to try this?! You can do every week or every other week or every month like we do. I hope you enjoy!

What other annual traditions or new years resolutions do you set each year? Did you try the booklet I recommended in my last blog? I just completed mine and it was a good reflection and look forward tool to get my mind if the right place for the upcoming calendar year.

I hope we can all continue to keep things in perspective, focus on the positive things in live, live in the moment, and appreciate the love around us. Times will be both hard and wonderful in 2017, so having a foundation, memories, and loved ones surrounding you are so important. Loves and lives will come and go….it is part of life. But please try to make sure you make the most out of your live. Impact and love others fiercely and enjoy the ride! Ready for 2017 to begin! Happy New Year everyone!


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