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First Snow Fall of the Season

There is something so magical to me about the first snowfall of the season. Mother nature is dusty us all with this beautiful white blanket. A new canvas to start again. No two snowflakes are alike. It wipes the landscape clean with all the white glow yet also creates an entirely new view of the world around us. It slows us down. It creates a stillness we so often don’t get to see. Especially in urban areas. It is just pure magic.

There is so much joy seeing the snow from a child’s eyes too. It just looks like a huge playground of adventure.

I hope you find joy in the snow this winter and not just angst due to traffic, snow shoveling, and difficulty parking. Celebrate the magic of it too! Bundle up, enjoy some hot chocolate and be a kid!

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow! (*Pictures from my iphone in Jan 2016)

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