Refueling Soul
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I was doing some spring cleaning this weekend (tis the season), and came across a quote I wrote down on a piece of paper like over ten years ago after watching an Ally McBeal episode. It said “We all want love to come along, yet we put all these restrictions on how it can come and how it should evolve once it comes.”

Still a relevant quote even today Calista.

We do put restrictions on our loves- our friends, our parents, our siblings, our lovers. All with expectations about how we should interact, how our relationships should evolve, the steps and phases they must go through, etc. Just an interesting thing to really think about. The more I just allow myself to be spontaneous and ride with it, the more it surprises me. Forgiveness becomes easier. People I never thought I’d forgive or reconnect with somehow come back around and end up being dear friends. The opposite of “my type” ends up being the love of my life.  How I (and my family) was defined by my mother’s death as a teenager breaks and I’m somehow at ease by the quirks and winding journey we took.

Oh Calista who true your statement was and still is!

What restrictions do you put on your loves? How does that impact the growth of the relationship?

As we celebrate Easter weekend and spring, what can you break free from in your restrictions and rules around love? Can you be more open, less competitive, and more free with your friendships/family? Or your significant other?

I encourage you and me to do some spring cleaning on our emotions and let some things float up with the pollen in the air! Take a walk, look at the flowers, and do some reflection.

If you see a weed, make a wish. Wish away your restrictions. Or wish something else. Who am I to restrict your wish or tell you what to wish for! Ha! Break free of that chain you carry with the loves in your life.


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