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Power of a Good Book

The power of a good book is pretty incredible. It is like an amazing dessert, a wonderful vacation, the great escape, and a total restorative move. It is such a lovely luxury amongst our busy lives. And can take you to places you never thought you’d go– you can travel the world or someone’s life through a good character and well written descriptions. It can be simply amazing and refuel you in all ways.

There is nothing like when you can’t put it down and it is such a good page turner you are forcing yourself to stay up to the last page. And then so disappointed it is over.

I believe in spending as much time as possible with your loved ones (I was lucky enough to do just that this weekend), with nature, and in the present. But there is also something to be said for refueling yourself by curling up with a great read. Even if it is just to get in a chapter or a few pages after the kids are to bed. Or during a hot bath. Or instead of that reality TV episode.

Have you read a good book lately? I just gave one to my sister– The Husband’s Secret by Lane Moriarty (same author as Big Little Lies…the book made into the famous HBO series). And I read a really cheesy but adorable romantic comedy book last week– The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase. Such a fun read. Highly recommend. ¬†Another really fun read is Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave.

Some of my go to authors these days for just pure fun (I also ready nonfiction and self health books so don’t worry but focused on the dream books tonight)– Harlan Coben (good mystery), Elin Hilderbrand, Emily Giffin, Georgia Bockoven, James Patterson, Jojo Moyes (for the one series Me Before You and After You), A fun series by Maria Murnane, etc.

Do you have any pure fun and entertaining reads you recommend? Help me refuel with a good book recommendation please!

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