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Summer Surprises

As I sit here in my favorite chair, as the afternoon sun pours in and I look at the fresh flowers in the vases around me, I come to appreciate the curve balls and surprises life throws at you. I am relaxing and enjoying this moment on Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is such a great way to really kick off the summer. And to me spring and early summer is all about renewal. A rebirth of sunshine, warm sand in your toes, possibilities, and long lazy summer nights where the sun is still up until 8-9pm.

And I also reflect on surprises that come in your life. Sometimes good surprises, sometimes bad surprises and sometimes moments that take you off guard (good and bad). And in all those, you grow. You figure out a piece of yourself by your reaction.

The reason I am combining the two is, in the summer surprises seem so much more vivid. I don’t know why. I think I’m more aware of my surroundings, colors, smells, and sunlight. I seem to bounce back at a different pace when I know I can wake up to fresh air and sunshine. I still fill with hope (if something that sets me back) or more appreciation (if really fun) for the surprise in the summer.

So on this holiday, I wanted to pick little surprises throughout my day to enjoy the start to summer. I worked out while I watched a reality show that was completely a guilty pleasure that took place on a beach in the summer;  I wore a new sundress for the first time while I ate brunch with Todd; I read through a new beach coffee table picture book that took me to all different beaches around the world (highly recommend…see picture below); I spent 20 minutes just enjoying my flowers in the house and the quiet; I decided to meet a friend for a quick walk just because; And I will just continue to pick little treats for myself all day.  While I can’t control every surprise that comes my way….good or bad. Today I created some little treats. Because I enjoy them and also because in the spring/early summer, they somehow seem a bit more exciting and new. A bit more alive. Even the simple things.

I hope you enjoy the start to your summer. And soak in the possibilities of the season.

*Great visual treat….of best beaches around the world. A fun way to kick off the summer season

Beaches cover shot

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