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Happiness- A choice?

“I have found that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”– Abraham Lincoln

I thought this quote was interesting. If you are not happy, does that mean you made up your mind not to be? Is it all mental and how you approach each day? What happens if you have no control over a decision someone else makes that impacts your happiness? Is it then up to you to still draw happiness through the hurt? Is happiness all attitude?

If you are not happy, did you make up your mind to be lazy and not really try to be happy? Were you self destructive? Or is it just you aren’t lucky or have a horrible circumstance occur in life? Or you didn’t trust your instinct?  Or if someone else around you screws up, totally out of your control and it impacts your happiness, how much is on you?

I think if I really explore that quote it is fairly true.  I do believe while fate, chance, karma, and things way outside of our control happen (sometimes that impact you in negative ways and do cause unhappiness for periods of time) , we do have many things in our control including our attitude and approach to life that help us bounce back and overall maintain a happy life.

I do believe that forgiveness, taking leaps of faith, trusting your instincts, and approaching each day with humility, joy, and thankfulness for getting another day to live on earth all help for sure.

Do you agree with Abraham Lincoln’s quote? If so, what can you do differently to turn a piece of your life that is unhappy or note quite where you want it around?

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