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Your own city: Sunday Wanderlust

As part of my wanderlust summer, I decided to have a tourist day with my favorite main squeeze and try out a few places I haven’t been to in awhile within our very own city. When I was single, I spent a lot more time wandering museums and enjoying art- whether in Charleston, Boston, or DC. And today, I got to do that again.

We spent our afternoon exploring the Hirshhorn Museum, walking the DC mall, and walking through the national archives.

After our DC Sunday, we snacked on a meat and cheese plate we made, sipped rose, and I went to my favorite yoga class.  Interestingly enough, within my yoga class, I was able to reach a very zen mediation that gave me the same calm as the ocean (which is absolutely the best place for my soul). I think a glass of rose and the peace of looking at fantastic art helped!

And as I wind down and prepare for the next week, I am reminded on how important it is to enjoy your city. Even yesterday, we enjoyed a musician on the street for 15 plus minutes, spoke to him about his passion, and learned he has quite a following (following him now on instagram). We went to a local restaurant and hung out with neighbors last night. Just a good weekend to reconnect within our own city. And still fulfill that wanderlust feeling. I realize more and more how important it is to take time to appreciate the great things within your own town. Sometimes they can refuel you as much as a day in a new place.

What is fun within your own town that you haven’t take advantage of in awhile?

*pictures from Hirshhorn (great exhibit by Ai Weiwei– the lego portraits)


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