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Week 4: Wanderlust (in my own city this week)

Well, this is week four of my summer of wanderlust. This weekend was also in my own city before I start another whirlwind of travel. And it was so nice. This weekend was all me. I had the condo to myself and I had the schedule to myself. I read a great fun book that took me to a beautiful beach in Georgia (in my head). And I watched beachfront bargain hunt on HGTV for hours daydreaming about my beach house one day. I sat on a roof deck with friends and closed my eyes as the summer night breeze hit my face, had a great meal and conversation with a dear friend for lunch Saturday, got a facial, got a mani/pedi, and that was all before Sunday. It all felt so luxurious and peaceful to manage my time however I saw fit this weekend. It was a real treat!!  I committed to no plans (outside of Sunday tennis) and just went with how I felt each hour.

Sunday is always my favorite refueling day of the week though. And today did not disappoint. I started by going for a very quiet peaceful walk this morning. It was early, the city was sleepy, there was no humidity and in the 70s (very rare for DC late July) and it was my time to just calm my mind and breathe. Then I made a nice breakfast and headed to the citiopen tennis tournament. A great professional tennis tournament in DC that is always so much fun. Met some friends there and watched some great tennis.

It is now 3pm and I’m taking time to journal and read before I bake a fun summer dessert- three berry cobbler. Then restorative yoga, a big Sunday meal and a good netflix show.

For me, sometimes, wanderlust is just being able to day dream, soak in something new or different, and taking in the summer sunshine. Wanderlust to me is escaping to a different place and soaking in something new and different.  Sometimes, it is just not having a plan and exploring your own city on your own schedule. Sometimes it is drinking a cold beer while you sit outside in the sun or sitting in the shade taking a catnap….all while daydreaming and enjoying the moment.

What are you doing this weekend to soak in summer? With every season, there is a new chapter or mood to our life. What is your chapter/mood of the summer?

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