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Your plan: Stop punishment for imperfections

As you end and start your next week, I wanted to remind us all that self doubt, anxiety, and fear (my theme for this week from my Monday post) can be replaced by focusing and channeling our energy on positive forward focused dreams and aspirations.

I have many wonderful people in my life that suffer from self doubt which paralyzes their ability to really go for what they want. They can speak of their future but always stop short of trying to achieve it . And so today, I hope this blog and the quotes above help give you a little nudge forward.

For me, it is about forgiving yourself, not focusing on what you can’t do but what you can. And just fake it until you make it. Keep your head in a positive place and surround yourself with people and things that also help you stay in that place. That can include friends, family members, healthy diet, and lots of natural light and nature.  If you don’t have that healthy positive environment, go find it and make sure that is a staple in your life.

Once your environment is in the right place, start to focus on letting go of judgment. When we let go of all the judgment in our life and even practice not judging others, then something shifts in our mindset. Often times we are so critical of everything: ourselves, others, and strangers. Instead, lift each other up and lift yourself up. You got this! We got this!

Look at how many people do tackle their dreams. And A LOT of the time, it is not about them being smarter or richer or better looking. It is about their attitude and energy.

You got this! We have this! Go tackle the week!

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