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Doubt and Fear

How much of the dreams you have are not fulfilled due to doubt or fear in yourself? Do you hold back from your career ambitions? Or from making the next move in your life with a love interest, starting a family, trying a new hobby, etc?

The more and more I talk to people, doubt and fear play such a huge role in the choices people make. And it kills so many dreams. So many of the regrets people have are about what they didn’t do. And when you ask why they didn’t do it, it is usually based off a fear or doubt in themselves.

So I challenge us as we start our workweek, throw away your anxiety, doubt, and fears to live the life that you will not regret. Very rarely do the worst scenarios come true. And if they do, we survive them. And the alternative, true happiness and fulfilling dreams is SOOO worth the risk. Don’t left doubt and fear win. Let joy, dreams, and the next step be your destiny.

doubt kills more dreams

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