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As we all finish up our Thanksgiving weekends and head into another week of work I think it is a great time to reflect. Reflect with gratitude on what we have. There is someone who is less fortune than you this evening. So regardless of what is going in your life tonight, be thankful for what you have. If the holidays are hard due to a loss or memory, be thankful it is a memory and you aren’t going through that intense pain this year. And be thankful for the positive memories you have had instead. Be thankful you are alive to make more of those positive memories and to heal. If this year is the hardest of your life, be thankful you are making it through and trust that this time too shall past. We have all been there and there are people that love you. Reach out to them.

Be thankful for a chance to live another day and keep making your life better. Be thankful for having the opportunity to make someone else’s life better too.

I hope going into this holiday season, we all just hug a little tighter, kiss a little longer, laugh a little harder, enjoy the food and wine a little bit more, and just enjoy the moments. And if it is hard for you, think of a better time and know similar times are possible again.  Breathe. Live in the moment. And soak up your families, friends, and loved ones during this time. And soak up the positive memories from the past and present.

Today, I am thankful for so much. For so many amazing people who I love that love me back, for health, hope, and peace in my life, and for the many possibilities to come. And also for the people I’ve been blessed to share a memory, meal, or a piece of my life with from my past. I am feeling so very lucky. And my heart is so filled with gratitude. I hope you feel the same way.

I hope you can write down what you feel gratitude for and take a minute to reflect and be thankful. To breathe and take in all those amazing things.


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