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Stretching Goals this Week!

Stretching. I never do enough of it! My first goal this week, use a tennis ball (or I have a ball that is slightly smaller) and place one foot like you are standing on it. You may need a wall to hold onto and balance. Move your foot around on it and roll it out. Press down onto the ball as you move your foot around. It hurts but works! miraculously I can touch my toes so much easier! My brother taught me this trick.

Second goal I am trying to use the foam roller each day for 4-5 minutes each morning. If you don’t have a foam roller, highly advice buying one. You can check out all sorts of stretches online. I have a few go-to for my hips and back. But there are a ton of ways to use it and you can get lots of tips by just simply googling foam roller stretching.

Third goal, every hour not only am I going to try to do a lap around my office or the house, but also do 2-3 stretches.

Everything I read says lack of stretching and long periods of sitting are the two new silent killers. Not sure it is that dramatic, but I definitely think I need more stretching in my life!! It does do the body good.

Are you stretching enough? If not, want to take on my stretch goals this week too?!

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