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“We do not learn so much by our successes as we learn by failures– our own and others. Especially if we see the failures properly corrected.”– Frank Lloyd Wright

I really liked this quote. For two reasons– One if gives you reassurance failure is good in any capacity to a certain extent- at work, in relationships, in day to day life…or even in sports. Two, it focuses on the second chance to get it right. And to learn and find a way to correct the failure. To actually the potential to still come out on top. I am the eternal optimist.  And I truly believe anyone can change a behavior or correct a failure, as long as you learn from your mistake. I do truly believe everything works out in the end.

You read so many success stories of people who were fired and then later became incredibly success. Destroyed a relationship to later repair it; Or move on but learn for the next one. Every parent makes a mistake parenting to do better the next time. You hear/see come back stories in sports or even ex-cons who change the course of their life and become such good people. The human spirit has the capacity to do so much by learning from their failure.

This also makes it easier to forgive. And show humility. We all make mistakes- big and small. And we all get another shot as long as we are alive. It is only when you don’t learn from the mistake that you really start to fail in life.

So what failure are you going to correct in 2018? In your week? In your day?

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