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Spa day

spa day

Every woman (and most men) need a spa day every once and awhile. Whether at home or at an actual spa. Take a day to relax, take a long bath, self care, get a massage, and do things just for yourself to unwind.

Saturday was my spa day.

I slept 9hrs, got a winter scrub treatment, sat in a heated chair, swam in a heated pool, ate a good meal, sat by a fire pit in a blanket, watched a movie with the fireplace going…it was a day for me. Some self spa days, I just give myself a home facial or do my nails or take a long bath or take a nap or meditate or journal. I make sure I have a few hours just for myself. Spa days are about taking care of your body, mind, and soul. How will you treat yourself sometime soon?  Organize a babysitter or negotiate with your partner to get away?

Enjoy the week ahead by planning something soon. Give yourself something to look forward too!

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