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Joyful Moments (bonus blog today)- Making sure you identify and appreciate when things are good


So as I was journaling today, I realized how darn good my life is in this moment.  I know what bad times feel like. We all do. Between illness, death, depression, bad jobs, bad luck, break ups/heartbreak, money issues, etc…..most of our life we always can remember the dark times and tend to wallow in them. But how often do we acknowledge and really celebrate the high moments to? Like really stop and be joyful during them. Close your eyes, soak the feeling in, and make sure you have these memories to get you through the dark times.

Life is so amazing too. And no matter how dark it gets, you can always find light and joy again. That resiliency and excitement of the unknown is what keeps us going.

So today, I am joyful for this moment. It may not last long or it may be a long moment in time. But regardless, I know what it feels like and I am so thankful and joyful for it.

I hope if you are going through a dark time, this gives you hope. I’ve been there and I’m not there anymore. And you won’t be there forever either. You will have the joy again. Here or in another life. It does come back. Over and over again!

And if you are in a joyful happy moment, take a minute and pause and soak it in so you can feel this when you close your eyes. Smile, laugh, appreciate it and be thankful for it. Life will humble you and I again, but for now embrace it.



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