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Enjoying winter

Often times we look at winter as the months we try to get through. January and February is unpleasant, dark, and cold. And it usually leaves us yearning for sunshine and brighter days. We are grumpy and a bit more depressed. I could go on and on.

However, I am coming to appreciate these two months. They slow me down a bit. I find myself still going outside just as much….just with more clothes on. And the coziness of home, blankets, candles, fireplaces, and good books keeps me feeling so peaceful and happy. There is nothing like a hot chocolate or tea, a good book or movie (or marathon TV watching), and a blanket. There is no guilt to have those quieter, cozy moments in the winter. They are expected.

So instead of wishing them to pass by, how do you embrace winter? Cooking? Baking? Winter hikes? Skiing? Fun new workout? What is your winter habits?

As my journey to live in the moment continues, I am celebrating cold winter days today! Last weekend, I shut off my phone and enjoyed snowy mountain views while in Oregon. And this Sunday after spending all Saturday outside, I enjoyed grocery shopping and cooking! All in between relaxing in a warm winter blanket.

I hope you take time to appreciate and enjoy winter too.  Spring will come. But for now slow down and enjoy!

A few pictures to enjoy of the last week…courtesy of my iphone.

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