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Lifting each other up

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer somebody else up.:– Mark Twain

This quote is so true. Lifting someone else up serves dual purposes. It lifts you up in the process. This weekend I had a series of friend dates. Time to really reconnect. Long talks, lots of laughter,  hugs, encouragement to each other, a lot of positive energy, and some silliness too. Great conversations over good meals, wonderful Sunday walk, a game night with an epic battle of charades….all while allowing a little alone time and some snuggles with Todd. A full weekend resulting in a very full heart.

And it reinforced for me something I already knew… how very full my life is with wonderful people. And how much my parents influenced this side of me. My mom taught me to be kind and polite to everyone. We are all human and all have a common connection. And my dad taught me to stay connected to those important to me (he also has a light of joy in his eye that is magical and the best smile that instantaneously can attract a smile back……I inherited his smile lines….wrinkles I take on gladly with pride).

The power of a hug, a moment to just keep it light and laugh, a thank you, words of encouragement….we are all just humans working and trying to enjoy life. And those small interactions with each other can make each of our lives so very full of love. It can instantly change someone’s day for the better. The small things can impact a stranger as well. They see you smiling and it is contagious. They start smiling too.

How are you lifting those up around you? If they are special to you, are you telling them that? Are you telling them what you love about them? Are you being generous with your hugs and compliments? Are you too focused on the negative or being too critical or too self absorbed in your own world? How do you surround yourself with people that can help lift you too?

My goal this week….lift up someone else each day. I want to pay forward all the “lifts” and joy I got this weekend. I love my tribe. your-vibe-attracks-your-tribe!

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