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Do you really want something…or are we just programmed?

This week, I’ve been exploring this idea of really knowing when we want something vs feeling programmed. We are programmed to want everything all the time. To want what we see on TV, on facebook, and what we were told since birth ….through movies, books, and our parents. The prince, the big house, making a lot of money, kids, a big wedding, a partner, happiness all the time, sex all the time, a great job or a partner that makes so much money you don’t work, a huge social circle, fabulous vacations, seamless days of no stress, perfect figure, perfect hair, no vices, etc.  We are programmed to crave these things. So much so, that when do you know when you really want them verses being programmed to want them?

I started to talk to a few people about this and it turns out a lot of people second guess what they want vs what they think they want/been told they want.  Is it okay to be nervous about what we have been programmed to desire? Or even just be scared to actually get whatever that is? And do we know the difference between wanting it vs what we are expected to desire?


How do you know when you really want something? What are the signs? And what are you willing to compromise on?

All questions I think everyone has asked at some point. Yet we never talk about the questions. Only smile and talk about the things everyone should have in life per social norms.

Sometimes refueling means being real and thinking through what you want with some quiet moments. This weekend, that is just what I did. I took myself on a self date weekend to refuel and reconnect with my dreams. And make sure those dreams are still my dreams.

How do you check in with yourself on your life goals? And confirming what you want next (and now)? Or do you go through life not really checking and just see where it takes you? Or do you strive for things you may not even truly desire?

Lots of questions this week. No real answers. Just enjoying the questioning portion this week. And being okay with asking the questions no one wants to really think about too much. In fear that they may want something different than what is expected. Or that they aren’t unique and they want the cliche life. Both are scary thoughts.

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