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Sunday Dinners

I love Sundays. Mine usually starts with sleeping in, lazily starting the day with a good breakfast, then some sort of activity for the afternoon. Today was a pedicure and manicure and a little shopping. And visiting with a girlfriend.

Then I always do 5:30 restorative yoga to wind down or start the week (depending on how you look at it) and at the end finish with a quiet meditation. It is always a time to reflect and show gratitude. I leave it feeling hopeful and calm.

Then it is off to my favorite dinner of the week. I love Sunday dinners. While I do love good food, it is not what is on the table that counts, it is who is in the chairs around you. And my Sunday dinner is made perfect by the people around me. It also reminds me of my childhood where we always had a nice meal all together. It makes me yearn for my family to be in the same town too! But since they are not…I still make the most of it.  In an odd way, it is way to still honor them by cherishing it.

I can slow down on Sundays and plan a really nice meal. And it is cozy on Sundays. Todd is usually helping or hanging out with me while I cook. We drink a good glass of wine and talk about the weekend and week to come. We play music or have 60 minutes on in the background. Or we have friends over for dinner and are busy preparing for them. But no matter what, it is always so relaxed, loving, and joyful. And it makes the meal so good….no matter the cook! Somehow it is more tasty on Sundays.

Afterwards, we cozy up on the couch to watch a good TV show afterwards and always indulging in a yummy dessert.  And end up staying up too late watching. Or fall asleep before we make it through depending on our energy level.

Sunday dinners are the best. It refuels me for the week ahead.

What is your favorite meal/day of the week? What do you love to cook for your Sunday dinners? If you message me with a good idea, I’ll send you a great recipe back too!

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope you have a good meal with someone dear to you.

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