Refueling Mind
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As I wind down my Sunday evening and finish up my long weekend at Miraval (my annual refueling destination), I realize how important meditation is to my life. It allows me to free my mind of thoughts, wash the anxiety and stress away, and really be present in the moment. Afterwards, I just see and hear more of life around me. It allows me to truly feel alive vs in my thoughts.

A my meditation expert here said “it provides a way to open your heart, release negativity, receive light, gain insights, and achieve a deeper sense of calm/peace.”

I also am realizing how meditation can take many forms. The classic kind where you sit in silence, breathe, or walk through a guided meditation. But it can also be journaling, hiking, walking, walking a labyrinth (which I love doing here), cooking, and/or exercising. There are so many forms.  I did a drumming meditation today that was quite powerful. And tomorrow I’ll finish my stay with a morning meditation and sunrise yoga.

Are you making time for meditation? If so, what form works for you? It can be 5 minutes or 60 minutes. There is always time to fit it in.

Here are pictures from my hike this morning. My morning 2hr sunrise peace and calming hike.

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