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Shades of Grey…. AND Week 5-6: Wanderlust August in Oregon, Boston, and North Carolina

Well I am behind on my blog posts due to my wanderlust traveling summer. August has been a busy month so far! Between trips to the Oregon coast, Boston, and North Carolina beaches….I am feeling very lucky. All while working full time and moving condos. And yet, I am feeling so refreshed and refueled as I am getting the opportunity to spend a lot of great quality time with my favorite people- my family and dear friends.  What are you doing the last half of summer? Are you finding new places to explore? Whether on a budget or in your own town or somewhere exotic? My summer of wanderlust challenge is for you and I. Hope you are tackling it with adventurous excitement and vigor.

During my travel, I have had some down time to also reflect on a few things in my life. And just life in general.  I have been reading a lot of good books. And also talking to a lot of interesting people that I am meeting for the first time. And this theme of living in the grey keeps coming up. So I have been exploring it a bit more in my reading and thinking this month.  As I get older, very little seems to be black or white. As I think about the next stage in my life, I have been talking to a lot of older couples asking the secret to staying together and also their own life experiences. And the constant theme in everything I read and also in all my discussions is the need to not just be absolute on anything. Life is messy. Be open to change, be open to the unexpected, and also be open to forgive. And try to grow together. The secret most couples have been telling me is, to just stay and fight through it. That at different times in the relationship, you fall in and out of love. And sometimes even stray and have an affair or think about leaving your partner. But if there is a foundation of love to build on…you stay and fight through it. You forgive, you grow together, your keep changing to be a better partner, and you keep pushing to stay connected and faithful. I spoke to one person that said that strength is staying and fighting through it.

I think a lot of this same advice can apply to life in  general. And there are times when staying and fighting it absolutely not the right thing (especially if a reoccurring theme happens that your partner is not changing), but a lot of the time, I think it is. And there is no one perfect partner, friend, or family member. They are all human, flawed and evolving. And you have to figure out how to manage that all while still growing yourself.

It is all so grey. Very rarely is the growth when the sun is shining or it is super stormy out, it is the grey moments. The moments that are day to day, or where you are trying to fight your way through but the dark moment has passed.

And so while I am being spoiled with amazing travel, I am also learning to live in the grey in my relationships and life. And I am coming to appreciate the grey days. The growth days. The ability to forgive, move forward, and stay and fight to improve a relationship or enhance what is already great- in friendships, family, and love.

I’m in the grey.  And a nice way to end my evening…especially since each morning I’ve been waking up to a cloudy grey beach and then as the afternoon moves on, the sky opens to sunshine. I think it is a sign.

Here are also a few of my favorites from my wanderlust month so far, courtesy of my iphone. Love the one of my dad with my friend’s two little girls!


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