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Family and Beach Memories

It was a great week. I’m wiped out after a long day of unpacking and getting organized for the week to come. But it was worth it to enjoy a week at the beach with my family. I realize more and more, how precious these memories truly are and how quickly time passes.

Todd’s parents also came for several days and we got to visit with a really good friend from NC that I absolutely adore.

As I continue on my wanderlust summer journey (technically not up until end of September), I want to cherish my moments with my family.  Remember all the laughter, big family meals, and carefree days on the beach. I hope I always keep those memories.

This week was about making memories that count. Ones that will be with me for life. And that will make me smile each time I close my eyes and think of them and us at the beach.

Did you make any memories this week?

Pictures courtesy of my iphone…..

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