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Week 7 of Wanderlust: St Micheal’s Maryland and Changing of Season, Year, and other beginnings


During week 7 of wanderlust, we traveled to St Michael’s, MD to enjoy a big house on the water with friends. We spent our weekend cooking big meals, lazy days and nights on a huge screened in porch looking at the water, naps, a massive croquet tournament, football, and lots of great memories.  Not a bad way to spend labor day weekend.

We have been so lucky to be spending so much time with loved ones- both friends and family and will continue to well into the coming months. Our travel doesn’t stop for awhile!  (While I feel very lucky for all the adventures…also excited for some downtime to be a homebody soon too!).

And during all this travel, something has shifted. A change in the air. A new beginning for my partner and I. We have been working hard on us, our future, and making sure we are ready for a life together. On making sure our communication is strong, we listening and hearing each other, we are fighting and growing together in the same direction while working on ourselves….and it is paying off. We have invested and it is working. We have moved homes which also feels like a new era or change for us. And he turned 42 today, a start to a new year. And this weekend is the unofficial change of seasons too. So a lot of tides shifting and moving to a new season, new start, new approach. And it all finds me very excited for what is to come. A feeling of hope, excitement, and enjoyment for how mother nature changes, we change, and our surroundings change.

As I close out labor day weekend, I feel a sense of peace, happiness, and hope/excitement for this change of season. For this next phase of life and change. For football season, mother nature’s beauty of autumn, and our new adventures.

What are you hopeful for or excited about as we change seasons? What are you changing and evolving within yourself? As the sun sets this evening, what chapter are you opening or closing tomorrow or this fall?

As I looked out at the water while I swung on the swing like a kid again, I smiled with anticipation and also with a heart full of thankfulness and blessings. A few pictures from our trip are above courtesy of my iphone.



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