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“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two to three hobbies, and they must all be real.”– Winston Chruchill

After a few more weeks of wanderlust- to Cleveland Ohio (caught a baseball at the Indians game!) and NYC I am ready to relax back at home. A wonderful few months of travel and wanderlust. And now time to explore my own city, relax at home and enjoy the change of season to fall.

As I settle back in to day to day life along with a hectic work schedule, I come to really think about the quote above. I have lots of hobbies. Is it time to fill that wanderlust void with a new hobby. Perhaps photography?

As I make sure my cup is running over with not only memories, family and love….but also hobbies. I truly believe in order to be fulfilled you need to love spending time with yourself and also keep evolving as a person. And in order to do this, you do need new hobbies and interests.

Do you have three hobbies? If so, what are they? and how do you keep them fresh, new, and interesting so you can keep growing?

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