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Doubt and Fear

How much of the dreams you have are not fulfilled due to doubt or fear in yourself? Do you hold back from your career ambitions? Or from making the next move in your life with a love interest, starting a family, trying a new hobby, etc? The more and more I talk to people, doubt and fear play such a huge role in the choices people make. And it kills so many dreams. So many of the regrets people have are about what they didn’t do. And when you ask why they didn’t do it, it is usually based off a fear or doubt in themselves. So I challenge us as we start our workweek, throw away your anxiety, doubt, and fears to live the life that you will not regret. Very rarely do the worst scenarios come true. And if they do, we survive them. And the alternative, true happiness and fulfilling dreams is SOOO worth the risk. Don’t left doubt and fear win. Let joy, dreams, and the next step be your destiny.


“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two to three hobbies, and they must all be real.”– Winston Chruchill After a few more weeks of wanderlust- to Cleveland Ohio (caught a baseball at the Indians game!) and NYC I am ready to relax back at home. A wonderful few months of travel and wanderlust. And now time to explore my own city, relax at home and enjoy the change of season to fall. As I settle back in to day to day life along with a hectic work schedule, I come to really think about the quote above. I have lots of hobbies. Is it time to fill that wanderlust void with a new hobby. Perhaps photography? As I make sure my cup is running over with not only memories, family and love….but also hobbies. I truly believe in order to be fulfilled you need to love spending time with yourself and also keep evolving as a person. And in order to do this, you do need new hobbies …

Week 7 of Wanderlust: St Micheal’s Maryland and Changing of Season, Year, and other beginnings

  During week 7 of wanderlust, we traveled to St Michael’s, MD to enjoy a big house on the water with friends. We spent our weekend cooking big meals, lazy days and nights on a huge screened in porch looking at the water, naps, a massive croquet tournament, football, and lots of great memories.  Not a bad way to spend labor day weekend. We have been so lucky to be spending so much time with loved ones- both friends and family and will continue to well into the coming months. Our travel doesn’t stop for awhile!  (While I feel very lucky for all the adventures…also excited for some downtime to be a homebody soon too!). And during all this travel, something has shifted. A change in the air. A new beginning for my partner and I. We have been working hard on us, our future, and making sure we are ready for a life together. On making sure our communication is strong, we listening and hearing each other, we are fighting and growing together in …

Family and Beach Memories

It was a great week. I’m wiped out after a long day of unpacking and getting organized for the week to come. But it was worth it to enjoy a week at the beach with my family. I realize more and more, how precious these memories truly are and how quickly time passes. Todd’s parents also came for several days and we got to visit with a really good friend from NC that I absolutely adore. As I continue on my wanderlust summer journey (technically not up until end of September), I want to cherish my moments with my family.  Remember all the laughter, big family meals, and carefree days on the beach. I hope I always keep those memories. This week was about making memories that count. Ones that will be with me for life. And that will make me smile each time I close my eyes and think of them and us at the beach. Did you make any memories this week? Pictures courtesy of my iphone…..

Shades of Grey…. AND Week 5-6: Wanderlust August in Oregon, Boston, and North Carolina

Well I am behind on my blog posts due to my wanderlust traveling summer. August has been a busy month so far! Between trips to the Oregon coast, Boston, and North Carolina beaches….I am feeling very lucky. All while working full time and moving condos. And yet, I am feeling so refreshed and refueled as I am getting the opportunity to spend a lot of great quality time with my favorite people- my family and dear friends.  What are you doing the last half of summer? Are you finding new places to explore? Whether on a budget or in your own town or somewhere exotic? My summer of wanderlust challenge is for you and I. Hope you are tackling it with adventurous excitement and vigor. During my travel, I have had some down time to also reflect on a few things in my life. And just life in general.  I have been reading a lot of good books. And also talking to a lot of interesting people that I am meeting for the first time. …

Week 4: Wanderlust (in my own city this week)

Well, this is week four of my summer of wanderlust. This weekend was also in my own city before I start another whirlwind of travel. And it was so nice. This weekend was all me. I had the condo to myself and I had the schedule to myself. I read a great fun book that took me to a beautiful beach in Georgia (in my head). And I watched beachfront bargain hunt on HGTV for hours daydreaming about my beach house one day. I sat on a roof deck with friends and closed my eyes as the summer night breeze hit my face, had a great meal and conversation with a dear friend for lunch Saturday, got a facial, got a mani/pedi, and that was all before Sunday. It all felt so luxurious and peaceful to manage my time however I saw fit this weekend. It was a real treat!!  I committed to no plans (outside of Sunday tennis) and just went with how I felt each hour. Sunday is always my favorite refueling day …

Your own city: Sunday Wanderlust

As part of my wanderlust summer, I decided to have a tourist day with my favorite main squeeze and try out a few places I haven’t been to in awhile within our very own city. When I was single, I spent a lot more time wandering museums and enjoying art- whether in Charleston, Boston, or DC. And today, I got to do that again. We spent our afternoon exploring the Hirshhorn Museum, walking the DC mall, and walking through the national archives. After our DC Sunday, we snacked on a meat and cheese plate we made, sipped rose, and I went to my favorite yoga class.  Interestingly enough, within my yoga class, I was able to reach a very zen mediation that gave me the same calm as the ocean (which is absolutely the best place for my soul). I think a glass of rose and the peace of looking at fantastic art helped! And as I wind down and prepare for the next week, I am reminded on how important it is to enjoy …

Everything is temporary

I was reading a very good article tonight about 5 lessons of life. Most of which you don’t figure out until you are older yet seem very obvious. A dear family friend sent it to me. And while all definitely are true and resonated, one stuck out to me this evening.  It is the notion that everything is temporary. And it is so true. Everything is temporary. As I wind down from two weeks in Croatia…which was absolutely breathtaking….I really come to appreciate this lesson of temporary. I had a few temporary moments. That beautiful sunset, swim in the Adriatic Sea, and the sun hitting my face as I ride on a boat in Montenegro….those were all moments in time. And I feel so very lucky for those moments. It also reinforces staying present! I will never get to experience those exact moments again. On the opposite spectrum, this notion gives me comfort in some ways that everything is temporary. Any pain, hurt, or loss you feel in life is also only temporary. Life keeps …

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”- anonymous

As we head into July, my goal is to really focus on travel and adventures the rest of the summer to refuel. Sometimes with a partner, or a sister, or a friend….and sometimes by myself. The next two months, my goal is to devote to new adventures. “Travel sparks our imagination, feeds our curiousity, and reminds us how much we all have in common.”– Deborah Lloyd I’ll post pictures along the way to share my travel tips and adventures. More to come. Get out and travel this summer. And share your adventures too. Refuel your soul through adventures and experiences.

Summer Slowdown

  Lazy Summer days….. (Picture courtesy of my iphone while on the cape a few years ago) What are you doing to enjoy your summer? A reminder (for me more than anything!) to slow down and enjoy the summer. I realized today that June is almost over and it feels like any other month. It is time to get offline, slow down and enjoy the summer. So I hope today, you just enjoy being outside in the sunshine and slow down. That is my plan the rest of the day. Enjoy!